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A pregnant woman loses her baby after she was not allowed to go to the hospital due to the old corona test abroad

While the woman was waiting on the street, her husband photographed everything. The pictures show how the woman bleeds profusely. The video went viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The Health Authority launched an investigation into the video and concluded that the infant died of neglect. Two hospital executives were fired and one director was suspended. The health commission ordered Gaoxin Hospital to apologize for the accident.

Even driving is forbidden

The city of 13 million was under strict lockdown last month. Residents are asked to keep their windows closed and not touch rooftops or plants on the street. Driving is also not allowed in most cases, unless people have to take the road to fight the virus, for example. Residents must also seek permission from the authorities or their employer if they want to leave the city.

One person per household is allowed to shop once every three days; Because of this, food shortages have become a major problem.

China fears that the infection will go unnoticed, so that the virus could eventually appear in more places in the country. The government hopes to contain the outbreak before the Winter Olympics start in February in Beijing.