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Brussels wants a green card for gas and nuclear energy, EU countries are still divided

So far, nuclear power plants have been considered unsustainable for several reasons. Uranium is necessary to run a nuclear power plant. This is called a non-renewable resource. Carbon dioxide is emitted during extraction and transportation. The nuclear power plant itself does not emit carbon dioxide, but you end up with radioactive nuclear waste.

Gas is also non-renewable. Gas-fired power plants also emit carbon dioxide, although much less than coal. However, some investments in gas and nuclear power will get a green stamp if the new plans go ahead.

green candles

However, there are conditions attached to the proposal by the European Commission. For example, gas-fired power plants are not allowed to emit much. Emissions must be captured using modern technologies. Nuclear power plants should have good plans for safely storing nuclear waste.

Environmental organizations such as Milieudefensie, Greenpeace and Natuur & Milieu have been responding decisively for some time. They fear that the new rules will in fact become a vehicle for “green bleaching” investments. In other words, investors can fundamentally polish their sustainability profile.