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Hurricane Kentucky kills at least 74 people overseas

President Biden announced his intention to visit the disaster area in Kentucky on Wednesday. He had previously paved the way for additional funding from Washington.

The natural disaster has completely destroyed places like Mayfield in Kentucky. But other states have also reported deaths and extensive damage from an unprecedented series of about 30 hurricanes labeled “historic.” At least six people have been killed after an Amazon warehouse collapsed in Illinois. Authorities began an investigation into the situation.

The dead in Kentucky were five months and 86 years old. The governor expects more casualties. He feared that more than a hundred people might have been killed shortly after the disaster. The exact extent of the disaster will only become clear in the coming weeks, he expects.

In Mayfield, among other things, a candle factory was destroyed. At least eight people have died here. Management suspected that at least 94 of the 110 employees were able to move safely.

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A boat was swept away from a showroom by a hurricane in Mayfield, Kentucky.


Situation of Bowling Green Kentucky.


Aerial view of the situation in Mayfield, Kentucky.


In the Amazon warehouse.


A woman passes by the rest of the candle factory.

John Amis / AFP

Candle factory

Dozens of people were killed when a candle factory collapsed in Mayfield, local media reported. Of the 110 employees, 70 have yet to be found. According to Pesher, it would be a “miracle” if anyone was found alive there. News of some deaths is coming from other states. Three known deaths in Tennessee, two in Arkansas and one in Missouri.

At least six employees have been killed in an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois. Many were buried beneath the rubble as the roof of the building was torn apart by the hurricane and part of the building collapsed. It is unknown how many more people are trapped in the warehouse. The lives of tens of thousands of people here are in danger.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassi said on Twitter that he was deeply saddened by the death of his employees. “Our thoughts are with their families during this difficult time.” Founder Jeff Bezos also expressed condolences on Twitter. The world’s second-richest man says Amazon will act in support of the community. Bezos also expressed his gratitude for the emergency services on site.

In the states of Tennessee and Kentucky alone, at least 200,000 households are without electricity.