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International truck driver Liu (59): “Now I make a lot of money”

What is the salary guide? 7 questions and answers

1. Based on the number of hours worked per week based on salary?

Salary based on 40 hours worked per week.

2. Does the calculated salary include or not include vacation pay?

The apparent monthly salary does not include vacation pay.

3. Does the calculated gross salary include or exclude commissions and/or bonuses?

The expected gross salary excludes variable components such as commissions, bonuses, etc.

4. Does the calculated gross salary include the thirteenth month?

No, the expected gross salary is a “normal” monthly salary without adjustment for the thirteenth or fourteenth month.

5. I work for a multinational company with 10,000 employees worldwide. However, the Dutch team consists of 50 employees. What do I choose for the size of the company?

The size of the organization is limited to the number of fellows in the Netherlands.

6. What does budget authority mean?

This is the maximum amount you can spend for professional purposes and you don’t need permission from the manager.

7. How often is the information used as the basis for the National Holiday Bank salary guide updated?

Salaries and fringe benefits are not static data, but are constantly evolving.