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Minister Ernst Kuipers: “Corona will not go away, long-term policy is required”

“Now, a particular model is being looked at from the RIVM, on the expected numbers of infections and cases of illness,” the new health minister said in his first interview with the press. “The question would be, can you also put other models next to it, calculate a wider panel, and have more certainty?”

He thinks not only of the models that deal with health care, but also the economic impact.


Ernst Kuipers served as head of the National Acute Care Network and was responsible for distributing COVID-19 patients in hospitals. In this position, he was in daily contact with the ministry in which he is now a minister. “I will have a completely different role because of my switch.”

In his previous position, Kuipers had always been pushing to increase bed capacity in hospitals. “We need to expand capacity where there is a shortage,” Kuipers said today in his role as health minister. “I wouldn’t say how many beds. And extra capacity isn’t the answer to everything either.”