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Princess Delphine no longer wants to talk about the father after the documentary

“She had to be silent for years and now she wants to tell her story once and for all,” Michel said. “How she lived the whole process, how she was first denied and later recognized. But then she never wanted to talk about it again. With this documentary she ends a period.”

The director says that the royal palace did not want to take part in the documentary. But they asked if King Philip’s spokesman could come and take a look. Not to have an opinion, but to know what to expect after the broadcast. I think they are now preparing for the questions coming from the press.”

DNA Evidence

In the series, which can be watched on One for three weeks from January 12, the 53-year-old princess tells about different phases of her turbulent life. She also displays photos from her own archive and shares snapshots from family albums. The TV special also features her partner, mother and friends, as do her lawyers, journalist Mario Daniels, palace staff and friends from the art world.

King Albert had long denied being the biological father of a dolphin until early last year, but DNA has proven that claim to be false. Delphine was given the title of Princess of Belgium and the new title of Saxe-Coburg.