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The United States is providing $ 20 million to Ukraine to improve border controls with Russia

The United States is providing Ukraine with $ 20 million (over .5 17.5 million) to improve border controls with Russia and Belarus. The Ukrainian border guard made the announcement on Tuesday, Reuters news agency reported. The money will be used to buy video systems and drones, as well as equipment for border police.

In recent weeks, Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued to build a military presence on the border with Ukraine. Millions of soldiers are concentrated there. The Ukrainian government fears an attack this winter. The United States also suspects an attack. U.S. President Joe Biden warned Putin in a video call in early December that the United States would respond “with a strong economy and other means.”

The Kremlin has denied wanting to invade Ukraine, but a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said earlier this month that relations with Ukraine had reached a “dangerous level”. It would be related to the “unacceptable” actions of Western allies. In a video call with Biden, Putin stated that he already wants to negotiate and that Russia must stop military intervention. For example, Ukraine should never join NATO and conduct NATO exercises on Ukrainian territory. Biden has rejected the claims.

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