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This is how you prevent WhatsApp from automatically saving images to your phone

For many people, it is an annoyance, all those photos and videos that WhatsApp automatically saves on phones. Fortunately, you can set this so that the files do not take up valuable storage space on your phone. This is how it works.

All forwarded WhatsApp images on your phone

The WhatsApp It is widely used to send and forward photos, videos, gifs and memes. This is nice of course, but all of these files are also stored on your phone. You can find it in the Photos app or the Gallery app on your phone. For example, you may suddenly find all of your nephew’s birthday photos on your phone, which weren’t there at all. They’re still on your phone because someone in the Family app shared them. Don’t you think this is a problem? Do you have enough storage space on your phone or VD Cloud? Then this article is not for you. All those unimportant pictures on your phone are bothering you. Then you can put an end to these frustrations today.

Hide photos and videos from group chats

Want to download photos and videos of certain (group) chats, but you don’t have these in your photo gallery? Then you can set this in the chat settings.

WhatsApp has enabled viewing of downloaded media by default. You can disable this by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the chat where you want to disable media download
  2. Click Show contact and then Media settings
  3. tap on the new to hide photos

Now the photos and videos sent via WhatsApp will not be automatically saved on your phone. But what if there are people you know who aren’t spamming you? Do you want to see those photos and videos on your phone? Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the chat where you want to enable media download
  2. Click Show contact and then Media settings
  3. tap on shortening From And View photos on your phone

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