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This is Laetitia Gerard’s friend from “Wie is de mol?”

It took some research, but from an interview by Spot Groningen And an old Instagram post shows that Laetitia Gerards is living with pianist Thomas Beijer. And this is unique, because there are not many of them in the Netherlands.

The text continues below the Instagram post.


It is unknown exactly how long the two spent together. Like Laetitia, Thomas keeps his private life fairly to himself. Is this a perfect fit, if you have something like Who is a mole? It must be kept a secret. We know that they worked together on the musical work keyless lock. It was composed by Thomas, and sung by Laetitia. What Laetitia doesn’t hide is how much she wants to take part in it WIDM: Here you can read all about it.

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This work came after Leticia had to postpone her singing role in her life in 2020 due to Corona. She was singing the main role in bride for sale! Opera for the National Travel Opera. “She actually got some major roles, but Marchenka was really leadership role. Since last year I’ve been preparing hard to get the role, but a couple of days before the premiere we heard it was cancelled,” Leticia told Afrotros about it. The premiere is now scheduled for May 2022.


In that interview she also said that she has been involved in music, playing instruments and singing since childhood. I started playing the cello at the age of five. As a teenager she studied cello at the Academy of Young Musicians in Tilburg and devoted herself to chamber music. But at 19, she was still enrolled in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, graduating summa cum laude in opera singing in 2016.


However, Laetitia is still far from learning: “We divas have our most important muscle in our throat, and you also have to keep training my diaphragm and condition. I’m working hard to improve my technique. That resonance is better, and that I can beat an eighty-man orchestra without A microphone. And I work to support my breath so I can sing a long line without feeling overwhelmed at the end. Singers never finish learning.”

source: instagram, afrotros, Spot Groningen

January 8, 2022

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