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Why did OMT insist on a stricter lockdown

How many people will get a booster injection? How fast will the virus continue to spread? Because of all the uncertainty, the “models” that RIVM uses in the numbers and statistics that the new boom has produced in the meantime are heavily based on assumptions, said Van Dissel, who is also head of RIVM’s infectious disease control division in addition to OMT. President.

“If the numbers are moderate, that’s fine. But if it’s less optimistic and if you assume that oomicron can make people sick in the same way, we see that the number of patients we will get is so high that it is very high in the first wave in the Netherlands it can exceed” .

Space and air for care

In any case, a stricter closure could “create more space and give more air” to healthcare, which is “still under a lot of pressure,” Van Dessel said. Tightening the measures “could slow the spread of the omicron, so we can be more prepared and everyone can use the booster vaccination.”

And he wanted to admit “this can also happen sometimes”. “But we haven’t seen that much with the coronavirus.”